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We have used Bob’s service 2 times. The first time was great no issues. The second time had some issues (pricing) when we picked up the car, but in the end Enterprise made it right and gave us an upgrade AND at a lower price. King of Car Rentals is great!
Carol B.

Q – How are you able to obtain such amazing rates?
A – I have developed corporate partnerships with many rental agencies.  They provide me with discounted rates in exchange for placing my clients with their agency.

Q – What is the process to book a vehicle through you?
A – I need to know all of your trip data, please fill out my booking form. Once I receive your trip data I will present you with your most cost effective options. Should you agree to book, you will receive an email from the car rental company with your confirmation number and rental details. I will also email this information to you. That is all you require when arriving at the counter to pickup your vehicle.

Q – Do I pay for the rental up front?
A – 99.9% of the time the answer is no.  You rarely ever pay for a rental up front.  This provides you with ultimate flexibility

Q – What is the cancellation policy of car rentals?
A – As long as you have not pre-paid you don’t even have to pickup the vehicle. Your rental agreement expires and cancels itself out if you do not pickup the vehicle.  You have ultimate flexibility.  If you do pay up front the standard cancellation time frame is 48hrs prior to pickup

Q – What form of payment is best for renting a vehicle
A – It is always best to have a credit card.   Cash rentals are not permitted by any company. Most companies do permit debit cards but there may be limitations or additional requirements involved. It is best to contact them directly so you know what is required when using a debit card.

Q – What is your fee?
A – My fee for initial new clients is $32.99 per rental.  $28 for repeat clients or referred clients.  I have to reward my loyal followers!  I also offer discounts for multiple bookings at the same time.  Typically my fee is paid via pay-pal.  For those who do not have pay-pal accounts they typically drop a cheque in the mail

Q – Do you rent cars for business travelers use as well?
A – Yes, many companies use my service throughout Canada and the United States. I am capable of looking after all of your companies rental requirements, and have special rates for my business clients

Q – What countries do you rent cars?
A – All over the world.  Most of my rentals are in the United States and Canada. Having said that, I have booked rentals in just about every country in the world.

Q – How old do you have to be to rent a car?
– You must be at least 21 years old.  Anyone aged 21-24 could be subject to paying a daily “under age” fee.  I am able to have that waived on cars up to standard size with a couple different companies.

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